domingo, 15 de marzo de 2015


No more powerful concept when joining the working groups and put them in favor of a project that the concept of "transfer". We define it as an emotional current that occurs between members of a group and to the figure who leads or directs a project. Within the field of transfer, originates and a host of unconscious processes occur between group members where energy arising from the affections, as free energy is channeled to the achievement of the project. Jealousy, love, desire, envy, narcissism, sadness, etc, are emotions that arise within the group relations. All these feelings occur within the field of transfer and must be channeled towards productivity or performance of the project. This field always happens in every group relation, but the lack of tools for reading and work by the director or project leader makes what could be an energy that moves the group, becoming the largest source of resistance to it. So much so that the transfer works on condition of use. Within this field of forces, members of the group positioned people unconsciously leader in one or more of the four sexes. A leader must manage and know how to position within four sexes of language. This will allow to speak to members of the group from one or more of the sexes leader. The four sexes parent, male and female. Four sexes should be part of oneself when running a workgroup. The effectiveness of the four sexes is only effective within the force field that is generated with the affective transfer. Mastering the language within the four sexes and understand the complex mechanisms of transfer field, enable leadership hundred percent effective. Want to know more.? Dr. Miguel Martinez. Medical Psychoanalyst. Coacher / Corporate Trainer. Tel. 667 518 809.

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